Me myself and DSLR

Failure is the greatest Guru of all!
It all started with a failure in executing a short vfx film, Bhima,
(with my students). I realised having a good hold on story-telling and
post-process are not the only important things, but having good quality equipment
for the best footage is equally important; for that I required
more money which was not possible to arrange. It hurt a lot and I
started searching for production techniques which would help me work
with micro budgets.Having a good quality camera is the heart of production,
which is a high cost affair to purchase or even on hire. After spending
days searching on the internet, I found DSLR is peeking market
in abroad for film making. And that time only i decided to gift
myself a good DSLR.

Here are the few points which I would like to share that I
experienced and gathered from the internet.

Technical Benefits

  • Lens Selection
  • Lowlight Performance
  • Smaller Profile
  • Tapeless Workflow

Artistic Benefits

  • Great Depth of Field
  • Filmic Image
  • Creatively Invigorating

Frame Rate Options

  • For footage that mimic film, a good choice is to record 24 (23.98)fps
  • For footage that is going to be used for broadcast 30 (29.97) fps is good choice (1920 x 1080)
  • If working with the Phase Alternating Line (PAL) standard, need to use 25fps.
  • For footage shot 1280×720, than 60 (59.94) fps is the best choice for broadcast in NTSC based countries and 50fps for PAL

The DSLR workflow

  • Plan
  • Shoot
  • Transfer & Backup
  • Organize for Edit
  • Edit
  • Post process  (VFX)[if require]
  • Final Edit
  • Color Grade
  • Deliver

Must have equipments

  • Movie Tripod
  • Viewfinder
  • Audio recording device with microphone
  • Lights
  • Matte box

Good to have equipments

  • Camera support
  • Fast lenses
  • Follow focus
  • External monitor

Resources for DSLR filmmaking technique


2 thoughts on “Me myself and DSLR

  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge sir.
    It will be great if you can mention the best DSLR camera.
    The best deal and value for money.

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